Changing Seasons Changing Chapter!

New Chapter Activities
As summer winds to a close and autumn has officially started, our chapter continues changing as well.  We’ve started our first conference call business meetings and attempted our first monthly activity.  As expected there are some hiccups, including uncooperative weather for our precision landing competition which grounded everyone, but we plod on.

Mark Your Calendars!
Activities will usually be scheduled on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.
Business meetings will be on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 PM via conference call:   Conf Number: 1-805-309-5900
Conf Code: 145-241-665

October 7th Build Session
We will be converging on the Owens basement in Marshfield at 7:00 PM and messing around with various parts for a Bearhawk.  We’ll be working on wing parts.  Exactly what parts we will make remains to be seen but it should be a fun time for everyone.  The official address is: 1311 N. Lincoln Ave.

Meeting Minutes (Aug/Sept)

Present: Tom Jablonicky, Dwayne Parkinson, Alan Hughes, Noreen Doren, Chris Owens
New Business:

Dwayne opened the meeting at Marshfield and discussed the declining attendance. Discussed new ideas for how to reinvigorate the chapter.

  1. Split the business meeting off from a monthly activity.
  2. Make the focus of the chapter “doing” things rather than just getting together to handle business.
  3. Deal with the business of the EAA chapter on a conference call.
  4. Alan suggested insuring that there is food at each activity.  If you bring it they will come.
  5. Create a recruiting / mentor program where active members encourage inactive members or others to attend and keep them posted.
  6. Possible ideas for activities included:
    Sept – Precision Landing Contest
    Oct – Build Session (Owens)
    Nov – Unknown
    Dec – Christmas Party
    Jan – Build Session (Parkinson or maybe Tom Jakel or others)
    Feb – Ski Plane Chili Feed
    Mar – Young Eagle Event
    April – Weeks Hangar
    May – Possibly something with Bill Dieman (pre dar inspection party)
    June – Fly Out
    July – Pancake breakfast
    Aug – Build session (or possibly our own “fly in theater” style movie night or airport tower visit)
  7. Need to develop and market a schedule of events and insure we have solid activities three months in advance.

Upcoming Events – Alan Hughes is entering the Waupaca air race.


June 2013 News

Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social is a hit!

With the first couple fly outs officially behind us now, it’s safe to say that whoever dreamed up the idea of the Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social is definitely on to something.  There’s now an official web site and a northern contingent!  If Wednesdays don’t work for you to attend the Central Wisconson fly outs, perhaps you can make it to one of those in Northern Wisconsin.  Here’s the official list of dates and locations:

7/11: Three Lakes – K40D
7/18: Tomahawk – KTKV
7/25: Crandon – KY55
8/1: Land O Lakes – KLNL
8/8: Phillips – KPBH
8/15: Eagle River – KEGV
8/22: Manitowish Waters – KD25
8/29: Rhinelander – KRHI

Hope to see you all there.

 Meeting Minutes

EAA Chapter 992 Minutes – - Monday, June 10, 2013

Meeting held at the Taylor County airport FBO picnic table, approximately 7 p.m..

Present: Chris Owens, Noreen Moen, Alan Hughes
As only 3 members were present, no formal meeting was held.
General conversation covered the topics of:
- B17 ride for Kenneth Johnson in Madison , July 27. Chris said he will immediately make final arrangements for that to happen. At some point during that day, we will need to set up the tables, etc for our breakfast to be held the next day.
- Noreen mentioned we still have not found someone to transfer food from the Eagles club to the Marshfield airport for the fly-in breakfast on July 28.  She said she would ask Tyler ’s Mom if she would be willing to do that.
- Any fly-outs considered for the upcoming weekend – nothing formal as it’s Father’s Day weekend. Families can do their own thing.  Chris said he plans to attend the fly-in breakfast in Middleton on July 14.
- We reminded each other that the chapter had been asked to participate in the Hamburger cookout to be held at Marshfield on Wednesday evening.
- Chris told us that being an EAA member gives us the perk of gaining free access to many science ( and other) museums around the country – he and his family had recently taken advantage of that opportunity in Chicago .
- Noreen mentioned it would be a good idea to have our breakfast posters printed and distributed earlier than in past years. She will contact Dave about the posters.
- She will also place a Notice in the Marshfield Herald prior to our Breakfast – including information about our chapter Scholarship recipients.

The group disbanded about 8 p.m
N. Moen, reported

Dave’s Ski Plane Fly-In & Chili Feed – Fun for almost everyone!

There was snow.  It was chili.  There was chili.  There were ski planes.  By all measures… it was a success.  One plane decided to protest the 10 degree temperatures by refusing to start, but other than that unfortunate pilot, most people had a good time.

As usual, we had a consistent stream of people coming and going to the event with the regular EAA chapter members hanging around, chatting and of course special thanks to Noreen for playing the role of the lunch lady.

We even got a write up in the Marshfield News Paper!  Our fame in the Marshfield paper then spawned an international news sensation as we were featured in the AOPA eBrief for 2/18.  

Must’ve been a slow news day.

As always, very special thanks go out to everyone who donated their time, money and energy to make this event happen.  Without the chili cooks, hamburger donators, crackers, cheese, soda and cider, we’d have no fly in.  Thanks everyone!

Here are a few photos from the event.  Enjoy.

Ski Planes 2013

Ye Old Challenger On Skis


Maule Ski Plane Prop Blast - I wonder who that could be...

Obligatory Ski Plane Crowd Shot 2013 - Only good looking members are shown


February 2013 News

143rd Annual Chili Feed & Ski Plane Fly In – 2/16
Does it sound more impressive if it’s the 143rd Annual?   This year will be a little different.  There will be several different styles of chili to sample from several different cooks.  You’re sure to find a style of chili to meet your tastes!

The good news this year is that we will definitely have snow for the ski planes to land.  Let’s hope for a record turn out!

Come on down and join the fun.  Here’s a picture of the chili feed from last year just to get your taste buds warmed up.

Chili Feed


The Fly Outs Are Coming!  The Fly Outs Are Coming!
Last year we attempted two “big” Fly-Outs.  Both experienced bad weather.  One was cancelled and the other we just plodded along through the rain.  This year we’re looking for ideas for shorter, more frequent fly-outs with a few long-run fly-outs mixed in between.  Simple things like short runs to Wausau for breakfast, maybe Iola, Phillips, essentially anywhere there’s food or something to do.  The goal is to get more frequent flying opportunities and shorter trips along with a few big adventures.  Bring your ideas to the next meeting!

Weeks Hangar Trip
Our spring trip to the Weeks Hangar in Oshkosh is in the planning stages right now.  Assuming the scheduling hasn’t changed at Oshkosh we’re looking at heading over there on March 2nd.  This is your chance to work on a real live B-17!  Don’t miss it!


Meeting Minutes
Meeting Called to order at 7:00
  • Chili Feed – Discussion about the upcoming Chili feed.
    • Date: 2/16
    • Times:  Setup @ 8:30  Doors Open @ 10:00
    • Making Chil – Chris, Noreen, Alan, Harry and Dave Wells will cook chili
    • Advertising: newspaper advertising (Noreen), flyers are on the web site & web site has been updated (Chris)
    • Beverages – Dwayne
    • Extension cords, crackers, coffee creamer, noodles, cheese, jalepeno’s, onions  – Dave
  • Scholarships
    • Received Tyler’s transcripts and forwarded check to university
    • Brady’s transcripts are still outstanding
  • Early Warning:  Pancake Breakfast will be 7/21 this year.
  • Weeks Hangar Trip: March is open so we’ll try for Saturday the 2nd of March  
  • Flyout:  Potential sites Cable, WI or CluckenFarten in Wautoma are potential sites, but also consider small simple fly outs to local spots.  Bring ideas next month and we’ll try to schedule a few outings.  The idea is to get more short quick fun flying trips.

EAA Chapter 992 Ski Plane Fly-In and Chili Feed

It’s kind of like Christmas… only with Chili and Ski Planes

Dave’s famous ski plane fly-in and chili feed is finally here!

When: Saturday, February 18, 2012, 10:00a – 1:00p (or longer!)
Where: Marshfield Municipal Airport (KMFI), Marshfield, WI
Cost: Whatever you donate.

Join us on Saturday for Dave’s home-made chili, ski planes, and fun!  Planes on wheels are also welcome, of course!

The preferred ski landing area is the center of the field, east of runway 34, between runway 23 and the north taxiway from runway 34. Areas north of the taxiway off of runway 34 and south of runway 23 are rough-plowed cornfield, and not recommended. Approximate field lengths:

East side of Runway 34: ~1400ft
North side of Runway 23: ~2000 ft

Ski Plane Landing Areas

View Overhead Map of the Airport here.