Changing Seasons Changing Chapter!

New Chapter Activities
As summer winds to a close and autumn has officially started, our chapter continues changing as well.  We’ve started our first conference call business meetings and attempted our first monthly activity.  As expected there are some hiccups, including uncooperative weather for our precision landing competition which grounded everyone, but we plod on.

Mark Your Calendars!
Activities will usually be scheduled on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.
Business meetings will be on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 PM via conference call:   Conf Number: 1-805-309-5900
Conf Code: 145-241-665

October 7th Build Session
We will be converging on the Owens basement in Marshfield at 7:00 PM and messing around with various parts for a Bearhawk.  We’ll be working on wing parts.  Exactly what parts we will make remains to be seen but it should be a fun time for everyone.  The official address is: 1311 N. Lincoln Ave.

Meeting Minutes (Aug/Sept)

Present: Tom Jablonicky, Dwayne Parkinson, Alan Hughes, Noreen Doren, Chris Owens
New Business:

Dwayne opened the meeting at Marshfield and discussed the declining attendance. Discussed new ideas for how to reinvigorate the chapter.

  1. Split the business meeting off from a monthly activity.
  2. Make the focus of the chapter “doing” things rather than just getting together to handle business.
  3. Deal with the business of the EAA chapter on a conference call.
  4. Alan suggested insuring that there is food at each activity.  If you bring it they will come.
  5. Create a recruiting / mentor program where active members encourage inactive members or others to attend and keep them posted.
  6. Possible ideas for activities included:
    Sept – Precision Landing Contest
    Oct – Build Session (Owens)
    Nov – Unknown
    Dec – Christmas Party
    Jan – Build Session (Parkinson or maybe Tom Jakel or others)
    Feb – Ski Plane Chili Feed
    Mar – Young Eagle Event
    April – Weeks Hangar
    May – Possibly something with Bill Dieman (pre dar inspection party)
    June – Fly Out
    July – Pancake breakfast
    Aug – Build session (or possibly our own “fly in theater” style movie night or airport tower visit)
  7. Need to develop and market a schedule of events and insure we have solid activities three months in advance.

Upcoming Events – Alan Hughes is entering the Waupaca air race.


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