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Fly Outs
With one of the longest coldest winters on record finally giving way to one of the wettest springs on record it naturally makes all of us start thinking about flying (assuming of course the sun still exists behind all those clouds).  Wautoma on June 16th and Middleton on July 14th are the next two possibilities for us.  Additionally, a weekly hamburger fly out has been initiated by our friends at the Wausau Downtown Airport.  The idea is that each Wednesday a different airport will fire up their grills and serve as hosts for the evening planning for airplanes to start arriving around 5:30.  The schedule for the summer is:
6/12 – KMFI (Marshfield)
6/19 – KSTE (Stevens Point)
6/26 – KISW (Wisconsin Rapids)
7/03 – KMDZ (Medford)
7/10 – KAUW (Wausau)
7/17 – KMFI (Marshfield)
7/24 – KAIG (Antigo)
7/31 – Airventure Week … no fly out planned
8/07 – KRRL (Merrill)
8/14 – 3WI4 (Flying O Airport – Wausau)
8/21 – KMFI (Marshfield)
8/28 – KAUW (Wausau)

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

EAA Chapter 992 Minutes
Monday, May 13, 2013
Meeting held at the Marshfield airport FBO boardroom.
Present: Chris Owens, Noreen Moen, Tom Jablonicky, Alan Hughes, Al Mader, Tyler Stargardt, Don Halloran, Matt Keifer, Harry Dolan, guest-Ellen McIllquham.
Chris opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m, and began by reading the minutes from the April meeting – a motion for approval was made, seconded/carried. Harry told the members the chapter bank balance remains at $3339.03. He has received $80 in membership dues he has not yet deposited.
- Old business: Regarding the B17 ride for a WW11 veteran – name correction from previous meeting – Kenneth Johnson.
- Chris has determined the EAA B17 will be visiting Madison on July 27, and he will make a reservation for Mr. Johnson to participate. Perhaps some of the chapter could be there to participate in the event. Chris has asked Brady Lane to write up the story – if possible.
- New business: Two scholarship applications were reviewed – Tyler Startgardt and Brady Wojit. Both applications approved – funds will be forwarded to the applicants if their fall semester transcripts are acceptable.
- Possible Fly-out destinations/dates were discussed. Possible dates: Wautoma June 16, Middleton July 14. A decision to be made at the next meeting in June. Alan suggested we participate in “Hamburger Night at the airport” events. He and his wife Cheryl will provide the food at the Medford Airport on June 5th and proposed the chapter sponsor the event in Medford on July 3. Discussion to follow at the June meeting.
- Harry told the members that when his term as treasurer is completed he would appreciate someone else taking over the reins. Terms of the executive to be reviewed.
- It was noted that as Mona will be unable to transport the prepared food for our breakfast(July 28) – we should all be thinking of someone who might take on that role.
- Adjournment at 8:05 Respectfully submitted by Noreen Moen Program:

- Chris and Matt briefly brought us up to date on their building projects.

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