Dave’s Ski Plane Fly-In & Chili Feed – Fun for almost everyone!

There was snow.  It was chili.  There was chili.  There were ski planes.  By all measures… it was a success.  One plane decided to protest the 10 degree temperatures by refusing to start, but other than that unfortunate pilot, most people had a good time.

As usual, we had a consistent stream of people coming and going to the event with the regular EAA chapter members hanging around, chatting and of course special thanks to Noreen for playing the role of the lunch lady.

We even got a write up in the Marshfield News Paper!  Our fame in the Marshfield paper then spawned an international news sensation as we were featured in the AOPA eBrief for 2/18.  

Must’ve been a slow news day.

As always, very special thanks go out to everyone who donated their time, money and energy to make this event happen.  Without the chili cooks, hamburger donators, crackers, cheese, soda and cider, we’d have no fly in.  Thanks everyone!

Here are a few photos from the event.  Enjoy.

Ski Planes 2013

Ye Old Challenger On Skis


Maule Ski Plane Prop Blast - I wonder who that could be...

Obligatory Ski Plane Crowd Shot 2013 - Only good looking members are shown


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