February 2013 News

143rd Annual Chili Feed & Ski Plane Fly In – 2/16
Does it sound more impressive if it’s the 143rd Annual?   This year will be a little different.  There will be several different styles of chili to sample from several different cooks.  You’re sure to find a style of chili to meet your tastes!

The good news this year is that we will definitely have snow for the ski planes to land.  Let’s hope for a record turn out!

Come on down and join the fun.  Here’s a picture of the chili feed from last year just to get your taste buds warmed up.

Chili Feed


The Fly Outs Are Coming!  The Fly Outs Are Coming!
Last year we attempted two “big” Fly-Outs.  Both experienced bad weather.  One was cancelled and the other we just plodded along through the rain.  This year we’re looking for ideas for shorter, more frequent fly-outs with a few long-run fly-outs mixed in between.  Simple things like short runs to Wausau for breakfast, maybe Iola, Phillips, essentially anywhere there’s food or something to do.  The goal is to get more frequent flying opportunities and shorter trips along with a few big adventures.  Bring your ideas to the next meeting!

Weeks Hangar Trip
Our spring trip to the Weeks Hangar in Oshkosh is in the planning stages right now.  Assuming the scheduling hasn’t changed at Oshkosh we’re looking at heading over there on March 2nd.  This is your chance to work on a real live B-17!  Don’t miss it!


Meeting Minutes
Meeting Called to order at 7:00
  • Chili Feed – Discussion about the upcoming Chili feed.
    • Date: 2/16
    • Times:  Setup @ 8:30  Doors Open @ 10:00
    • Making Chil – Chris, Noreen, Alan, Harry and Dave Wells will cook chili
    • Advertising: newspaper advertising (Noreen), flyers are on the web site & web site has been updated (Chris)
    • Beverages – Dwayne
    • Extension cords, crackers, coffee creamer, noodles, cheese, jalepeno’s, onions  – Dave
  • Scholarships
    • Received Tyler’s transcripts and forwarded check to university
    • Brady’s transcripts are still outstanding
  • Early Warning:  Pancake Breakfast will be 7/21 this year.
  • Weeks Hangar Trip: March is open so we’ll try for Saturday the 2nd of March  
  • Flyout:  Potential sites Cable, WI or CluckenFarten in Wautoma are potential sites, but also consider small simple fly outs to local spots.  Bring ideas next month and we’ll try to schedule a few outings.  The idea is to get more short quick fun flying trips.

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