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Pancake Success
By any measure other than temperature, the pancake breakfast was a huge success.  In spite of the sizzling heat, we had at least 25 airplanes fly in, lots of people driving in and our chapter got a nice write up in the local news paper.  Look for official numbers after the next meeting.  Until then, here are some action photos from the event.

We had a steady stream of drive in / foot traffic.

Busy tables filled with happy pancake eating visitors

And a large number of airplanes flying in. The increase in airplane traffic was probably related to two things. We had good flying weather and the earlier date meant that pilots who were normally preparing or already on their way to Oshkosh in years past were home with their airplanes and looking for a place to eat a pancake.

We had 25-30 airplanes. A refreshing number were vintage or experimental!

Everyone please bring your ideas on how to improve our pancake breakfast to the next meeting!  That way we can document them and next year look back in the minutes to see what brilliant ideas we had for improvements.

AirVenture is still going on.  There’s still plenty of time to spend at least one quality day at the event.  So far this year it has been excruciatingly hot with a torrential down pour or two thrown in for good measure so all of the rotten weather should be out of the way.  Enjoy the last few days.  It’s pointless to try to cover AirVenture in this blog, but here are a few shots from AirVenture this year that I thought would be interesting to the chapter.

This year AirVenture celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Piper J3 Cub. It’s hard to believe there are so many Cubs still flying and even harder to believe how many made it to Oshkosh!

60 Years of Piper Cub - More Cubs than anyone has ever seen in one place.

I got this picture just for our resident Sonex builder. Notice how this builder used the NACA duct air intake as the start of his striping… doesn’t that Sonex have a NACA duct air intake?

Nifty NACA duct striping paint scheme.

We’ve all had to deal with the concern of some kind of critter making a home inside the cowl while the airplane is on the ramp. This guy solved that problem in a really creative way. Stuffed chickens!

Look close. A stuffed chicken in each air intake and another for the oil.

Of course it wouldn’t be a news letter without the obligatory Bearhawk reference. This year there was a lemon yellow Bearhawk at the show that had a LOT of detail on the upholstery and interior.

Bearhawk aircraft parked at the Bearhawk booth

On Tuesday evening our very own Chris Owens hosted the annual Bearhawk BBQ at his camp site. It was very well attended to say the least.

2012 Bearhawk BBQ at the Owens camp site.

Taking a little editorial freedom… one shot of the future Parkinson pilot playing on the pedal planes.

Meeting Minutes

Coming soon….

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