April News

Can you believe April is upon us and I still haven’t completed the March news letter? OK.  There won’t be a March News Letter.  There are excuses of course, but none of them worth mentioning.  So we trudge onward into the joy of the Wisconsin flying season.

EAA 992 Name Tags
At the last meeting it was decided that we should use the $10 membership fee to get official name tags for EAA members to wear at meetings, AirVenture, the pancake breakfast, chili feed and other events.  The name tags have arrived and will be available for pick up starting with the May meeting in Medford.  Hopefully these name tags will make us more recognizable during the events as an EAA member.  The goal is to make our chapter more recognizable, personal and approachable.  Traditionally the $10 membership fee for our chapter has been used to cover the cost of printing and mailing the news letter but since everything has gone electronic we no longer incur those costs.  The decision was made to use the $10 this year for name tags.  Next year… who knows?

Upcoming Fly Out
We will be scheduling at least two fly-outs this year. One in early summer and one in early fall.  As you recall, our single attempt last year got fogged in. This year our first fly out will be to Madeline Island on Saturday 6/16 with a back up date of 6/23.  Visit www.madelineisland.com for more information.  There is a bicycle/moped rental shop on the island that has agreed to pick us up at the airport and get us to their shop.  From there you can rent a bike or moped and see the entire island including the trail system in Big Bay State Park.  More details to follow.

Young Eagles Update
There is a LOT happening on the national scene with the Young Eagles program, including an adult version of the program coming this summer.  The first two adult eagle rides will be given at Airventure 2012.  At the local level, Starr LeVoy has retired as the Young Eagle Coordinator for our chapter after many many years of heading up the position.  Dwayne Parkinson has volunteered to be the Young Eagle Coordinator unless someone else wants to step forward.  Please contact Dwayne if you’re ready, willing and able.  Also, if you fly any Young Eagles going forward please forward their contact information to Dwayne.  If you have flown Young Eagles in the past and you have records of their name, address, etc. please forward that information to Dwayne as well.  You can send the information to vicepresident@eaa992.org.

Taylor County Airport Changes
For those keeping track at home, there have been some changes at the Taylor County Airport lately.  Jim Wood has resigned as airport manager and is pursuing other interests.  Most of you know Jim because he is an EAA member from Medford who has been involved in our chapter.  He is building on a Double Eagle and also flies a powered parachute. As airport manager, Jim worked very hard to make the airport accessible to the community and especially our chapter.  He also led the Taylor County Airmen and has been instrumental in every event that occurred at KMDZ including the Upper Midwest Bearhawk BBQ and Cheese Extravaganza, the Young Eagle flights, Boy Scout events and the charity airshow a few years ago.  Whenever our chapter met at KMDZ Jim was also the one behind the scenes who made sure the hangar was open and the room was heated.

In typical “Jim” fashion, after he moved on he sent our chapter a nice “Thank You” for all of our support at those airport events and he encouraged us to keep up the EAA mission.  I’ll bring the thank you card to the next meeting in Medford so everyone can read it.  Jim is still around but will likely be moving closer to his new job in the near future.

Moving on; with Jim’s departure the airport will most likely restructure.  The latest rumors, speculation and general direction is that resources from the county will be used to do the maintenance (mowing, plowing, etc).  Rick Makovsky (assistant airport manager) will also do some of that work and provide services needed to assist pilots and aircraft, but there will be no airport manager any time soon.  There will be reduced hours of operation when a person is physically present at KMDZ simply because there’s only one person now.

Of course everything may change with the latest election and a new airport committee, but for now Rick will be on site to serve the pilots and he will also open the Hurd Hangar which chapter 992 will continue to use for our meetings at KMDZ.

Bearhawk Build Updates
Chris and Dwayne continue to make progress on their Bearhawks.  Chris explained some of the details of bending and fluting wing ribs at the March meeting.

Chris explaining how to flute wing ribs

Another action shot of the wing rib tutorial during the last meeting.

Since the meeting all of the nose ribs for the planes have been completed.

Bearhawk Nose Ribs

Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the April 9, 2012, EAA Chapter 992 meeting, held at the Marshfield Airport FBO.

President Chris Owens opened the meeting at 7:10p.m.

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

Chris handed out copies of the current financial statement.  The bank balance, after disbursements and deposits is $3,112.06. This balance reflects one payment made to Tom Jablonicky – a reimbursement for repair supplies for recovering a few damaged chairs.  Tyler Stargardt paid his chapter Membership dues – of $10.  Cash, to be forwarded to Harry for deposit.

Chris reported he had had further talks with John Hopkins, Weeks Hanger staff, as well as the membership – and the date of our visit has been changed to April 28. It may turn out that we will be working at the Pioneer Airport.  Travel arrangements will be worked on and forwarded to the membership prior to that date.

He also confirmed a few member names/spellings and will proceed with the order for member name tags.

Chris reported that several clinics are available during the months of April/May – in Wausau, including those of Stall/Spin recovery, Tail dragger experience, and beginning aerobatics. A list of the available clinics may be found at www.flywausau.com. It was also noted that the Wausau Balloon Glow and rally will be held in July.

Chris said he is not aware of any contact from the Student intern-Rachel (Community Access T.V. ) who wished to have a Young Eagles plane ride.

Dates were reviewed for the Annual Pancake Breakfast and Fly-in – and confirmed to be July 15.  Set up to happen the day before, no time decided.

Noreen confirmed list of places to post advertisements for the breakfast – which includes: AOPA, EAA calendar, WI DOT/Aviation calendar, local T.V. channels, Medford Star News, and the Marshfield News Herald.  She will place the ads at the appropriate times.

The business meeting was adjourned at 8:00

Show and tell:

Chris showed the group samples of the wing ribs he is currently working on for his Bear Hawk Project.  Progress is being made.

Canadian fattening goodies provided for a snack.

Respectfully submitted:      Noreen Moen

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