February News

Who knew… February is the busiest month of the year!

Builder Updates:
Hatz Bi-Plane: Tom Jakel
Many of you remember that Tom brought some steel parts for his Hatz bi-plane project to a meeting a few months ago.   Unfortunately Tom’s business appointments haven’t allowed him to get to a meeting lately, but he has been making really great progress on his bi-plane. The wings are pretty much ready for covering.

Bi-Plane Wing

The fuselage is welded together.


And right now he’s working on the landing gear. Great progress Tom!!!

Bearhawks: Chris Owens & Dwayne Parkinson
The Bearhawks being built by Chris and Dwayne are making steady progress. The rough cut wing parts have turned into nicely shaped parts that look like they belong in an airplane. Here are the big wing parts for both planes.
Once the wing parts are cut to shape, the edges are smoothed using Scotch Brite sanding disks so stress cracks don’t form. The edges then get bent and over and “fluted” (put little dents in them) so the curved pieces lay flat after the edges are bent. Here are the half of the nose ribs for both planes, bent and fluted.

Bearhawk Nose Ribs

Beyond the big impressive pieces, Dwayne and Chris are also making progress on all of the little pieces such as flap nose ribs. Here are all of the flap nose ribs ready to go on the airplane!

Flap Nose Ribs


Dave’s Famous Chili Feed & Ski Plane Fly In:

We had a good turn out for our Chili Feed & Ski Plane Fly in.  Although we didn’t have enough snow for the ski planes to land, we still had a good turn out.  Five members from Medford flew in: Pat Colwell (Cessna 172), Don Earl (Luscomb), Bob Lee (Luscomb), Al Mader (Challenger) and Jeff Lemmenes (Archer).

As usual, Dave and Starr were the chief chili disher outers and as with any chili feed, it’s good to have a 50 gallon drum of mineral spirits and other flammable chemicals behind you… just in case.

The Chili disher outers

We had a steady flow of people coming and going.  At times we even had people lined up to get the chili.

Lining up to get chili!

We also got a visit from several EAA members from the Oshkosh chapter.  A couple of our members rubbed elbows and traded stories.

Oshkosh Visitors

Overall, we seemed to have a good turn out.  At one point all of the seats were taken… unfortunately this photo was taken after the rush, but it gives you an idea of how many people we were expecting.

Chili Feed

As usual, all proceeds go to fund chapter activities and scholarships.


Medford Middle School Mini Course

For the second year in a row EAA Chapter 992 has been instrumental in the Medford Middle School’s “mini-course” project.  The goal of the project is to take topics that aren’t normally taught in school (such as aviation… and ice fishing) and for three consecutive Fridays have students participate in two hour classes about that subject.  Last year we had seven students, this year we have 26!  The first session is spent in the class room, the next session is spent at the airport and for the third session we got permission to take all of the kids to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh for the day.

The course received incredibly good feedback from educators, parents, students and the school board last year so that along with the trip to a world class museum explains the growth from seven to 26 students (which is one over the maximum allowed).  Below are some shots from the first session which was taught in the classroom.  EAA members Al Mader, Pat Colwell, Allan Hughes and Dwayne Parkinson handled the first session.  They were joined by EAA members Julie Thums and Bob Lee for the session at the airport.

During the first session, Allan Hughes talked about the four forces of flight and did a great job of getting the kids involved.

Four forces of flight

He then went on to explain aerobatics.  Notice for this demonstration he switched from a low and slow model airplane to something a little more capable.

Aerobatic Jet

Al Mader talked about parts of an airplane and how they’re built.  Here you can see him showing parts from a challenger (not his).  He passed them around and the students were amazed at how light they were and the fact that they were made out of fabric!

Challenger Parts

He also explained some of the building process that goes into a more traditional airplane and showed parts from his Sonex which is currently under construction.

Sonex Parts

Look for an update on the last two sessions in the March BLOG entry!


Meeting Minutes
Date: 2/13/2012
Location: Marshfield, WI (KMFI)


Present: Harry Dolan, Tom Jablonicky, Allen Hughes, Jeff Lemmenes, Jim Masephol, Danny Rossow, Don Halloran, Alan Mader, Dave LeVoy, Taylor Stargardt, Noreen Moen, Chris Owens, and Mona Griffith.

Chris called meeting to order at 19:07

Treasurer Report:
Balance               $6,364.48
Disbursements    $2,769.97
Current balance  $3,614.51
Moved by Dave and seconded by Noreen

Minutes: Available on Website.

Old Business:

  1. Dues for this year:still being accepted $30.00 accepted.
  2. Repair of 6 large tables: by Tom J. Bill submitted. Thank you Tom.
    The next plan for tables will be to purchase white plastic tables if they need to be replaced.
  3. Chili FeedSaturday February 18, 2012, 10:00 to 13:00Chili – Dave
    Soda – Dwayne
    All – snacks.EAA staff to comeAdvertising Event:
    Community Calendar – local posted
    EAA Event Calendar
    Do we want to have paid advertisement listed in the newspaper?
    Agree, Noreen will take care of the advertisement.
  4. Scholarship:
    The scholarship form is on the EAA website. Notice to be given to Community Foundation and schools.

New Business:

    1. Medford: Middle School Aviation Mini Course:  Twenty six children participating in program at Medford.
      a. Thursday 2-16-12 Pre-Flight for plane at Hurd Hanger at MedfordAirport.
    b. Friday 2-24-12 Travel to EAA Museum

Date to remember:
Next Meeting Medford Airport March 14, 2012

EAA Chapter 992 Ski Plane Fly-In and Chili Feed

It’s kind of like Christmas… only with Chili and Ski Planes

Dave’s famous ski plane fly-in and chili feed is finally here!

When: Saturday, February 18, 2012, 10:00a – 1:00p (or longer!)
Where: Marshfield Municipal Airport (KMFI), Marshfield, WI
Cost: Whatever you donate.

Join us on Saturday for Dave’s home-made chili, ski planes, and fun!  Planes on wheels are also welcome, of course!

The preferred ski landing area is the center of the field, east of runway 34, between runway 23 and the north taxiway from runway 34. Areas north of the taxiway off of runway 34 and south of runway 23 are rough-plowed cornfield, and not recommended. Approximate field lengths:

East side of Runway 34: ~1400ft
North side of Runway 23: ~2000 ft

Ski Plane Landing Areas

View Overhead Map of the Airport here.