December News

December Christmas Party

Food + millions of Christmas lights + a nifty slide show on smoke jumping = a pretty darn good Christmas party.  As usual there was plenty of food and we were very happy to have so many people show up to eat it!  The Wildwood Station proved to be a very nice place to have a Christmas party.  The light show was spectacular and the facilities at Wildwood Station were bright, clean and worked great.  As always a picture or two is worth a thousand words.

Many EAA members enjoying the party.


Kicking off the "meeting" part of the party.

Don Halloran answering questions about smoke jumping

Don demonstrates how the old parachutes used in smoke jumping were different than parachutes of today.

Thank you so much to everyone who brought food, arranged the party and of course those people who helped set up and stuck around to clean up.

Steven Parkinson busy sweeping up after the party.

See you all at the January meeting!