November News

EAA 992 Goes Social
It’s official.  EAA Chapter 992 is no longer anti-social.  Look for us us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even here… on our very own BLOG.  We’re going to use the BLOG in place of the newsletter which has sort of fallen by the wayside as schedules have become hectic.  A printed copy will still be available for the disconnected amoung us.

Beyond the BLOG we will be using Facebook and Twitter to keep our members up to date with current events, interesting any juicy aviation tidbits we find and of course any news from the membership that is “Tweetworthy.” See you in the exciting world of the social Internet.

Holiday Party
Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat; we’re going to have a party but we don’t know where it’s at.

Several members are checking on some Christmasy options that include lights, sleigh rides, and other festivities for our annual holiday party.  Watch your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and the BLOG for updates on the party.  The location will largely depend on availability and price but just for kicks check out our poll on Facebook and vote for which day in December will work better for you!

Wings & Ribs
No, we didn’t take a trip to a sports bar to watch the Packers destroy the Vikings on Monday night.  Instead we sat around and talked about wing ribs.  Tom Jakel brought in a sample wing rib from the Hatz bi-plane he’s building.  For those who haven’t seen a Hatz, it’s a nice looking bi-plane that just looks “right” as this picture shows.

The ribs of a Hatz are a classic exercise in wood and glue.  Tom brought in a nifty jig he used for building his ribs that allowed him to build one rib each day.  Remember… it takes time for the wood glue to dry.  The Hatz ribs turned out great!

Bearhawk wing forms (solid wood) along with a Hatz wing rib (wood & glue) sitting on top of the jig

In addition to the ribs Tom brought in a couple of steel pieces for the wing that he took from the plans, drew in CAD and had laser cut locally.  Those are shown in the lower portion of the picture above.

Beyond the Hatz, Chris Owens brought in some gorgeous wing forms and the wing building manual for the Bearhawk.  The Bearhawk is a four seat high wing aircraft that carries full fuel, four passengers AND camping gear all while cruising at 160+ mph.  Yet another plane that just looks right.

The wings of a Bearhawk are made from aluminum ribs with aluminum skins.  Since the wing skin is aluminum only one wing strut is needed.  Fabric airplanes require two struts to keep the wing from twisting.  With aluminum wings the aluminum skin riveted to the aluminum ribs provides the strength needed.

To build the wing ribs for a Bearhawk, the form blocks are traced onto pieces of aluminum and then the individual ribs are rough cut from the aluminum sheets using aviation snips. The rough cut ribs are clamped between the form blocks and a router with a ceramic bit is used to trim the aluminum right down to the form block.  The end result are perfectly smooth, perfectly shaped wing ribs which Dwayne and Chris hope to have at the January meeting!

Minutes From The 11/14 Meeting  
Date: November 14, 2011
Time: 19:00
Place: Hurd Hanger Taylor County Airport
Present: Noreen Moen, Dave LeVoy, Dwayne Parkinson, Tom Jakel, Allen Hughes, Chris Owens, and Mona Griffith,

Chris called meeting to order at 1910

Treasurer Report: No financial repost.
Minutes: None available.
Old Business: No old business to report.

New Business:
1) Chris attended EAA Chapter Leadership forum in Oshkosh
- How to get more members and engage our current membership
- Discussed online tool Group Spaces
– Group Spaces has a data base keeps membership list current, consistent and accessible.
– Group Spaces contains Wiki, events, e-mail blast tools, forums, files and other tools.
– Cost is free.
- News letter – convert to a BLOG.
- Make use of social tools
– Dwayne interested in starting a Face Book site.
– Chris and Dwayne to investigate Twitter, Facebook, BLOG’s, etc. and integration with current web site and run with it.

2) Holiday meeting discussed
- Where to be held.
– Chilly – Stichert’s horse drawn wagons
– Marshfield – Memory Lane Wagon Rides
– Marshfield in the pavilion at Wild Wood Park
- Date looking at December 10 -11 or 17-18 to be determined

3) Dues are coming up in January and will be $10 again in 2012.

4) Bearhawk & Hatz Wing Ribs
- Chris brought Bearhawk wing rib forms that will be used to build all the wing ribs for his and Dwayne’s airplanes.
- Tom brought a sample wing rib and the jig used to make the rib.
- Discussion about building techniques. See the BLOG for details.

5) Dates to remember
- Holiday Gathering: date TBD.
- Next Meeting – Marshfield / Airport January 9, 2010
- Chili Feed in February, Dave will check on date.