EAA Chapter 992 Ski Plane Fly-In and Chili Feed

It’s kind of like Christmas… only with Chili and Ski Planes

Dave’s famous ski plane fly-in and chili feed is finally here!

When: Saturday, February 18, 2012, 10:00a – 1:00p (or longer!)
Where: Marshfield Municipal Airport (KMFI), Marshfield, WI
Cost: Whatever you donate.

Join us on Saturday for Dave’s home-made chili, ski planes, and fun! ┬áPlanes on wheels are also welcome, of course!

The preferred ski landing area is the center of the field, east of runway 34, between runway 23 and the north taxiway from runway 34. Areas north of the taxiway off of runway 34 and south of runway 23 are rough-plowed cornfield, and not recommended. Approximate field lengths:

East side of Runway 34: ~1400ft
North side of Runway 23: ~2000 ft

Ski Plane Landing Areas

View Overhead Map of the Airport here.


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